The future of the Perkins family farm sold to NZTA.

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 Project Kakariki is now actioning the Report

 GROW PAEKAKARIKI Report   Tilley Road Triangle Park


Recent Carbon Sink research highlighted that most of the land has significant social, economic, and ecological benefits when clothed with native forest as a carbon sink or for other purposes

A Flood Protection report has been completed that shows how the catchments above the village are critical to our flood protection  in what was once our own lake - see Paekakariki Lake Hollow Flood Protection

Nga Uruora have prepared a concept plan for the Ecological Restoration of the catchments behind the village including restoring our kakariki - see the Nga Uruora Concept Plan

Working with the Walking Access Commission an interim walking track proposal for above the railway station was prepared that WAC is pursuing with NZTA in 2015 - see the Proposed Paekakariki Station Scarp Track

In October 2014 Friends of Paekakariki Streams completed a Wainui Catchment Status Report that documents the environment for most of this land - see Wainui Catchment

In September 2014 we asked Council to now give full consideration to the purchase of the Tilley Road Triangle for a Park, supported by a detailed case - see Tilley Road Triangle Park

Our Community Board on 15 April 2014 after requests from GROW PAEKAKARIKI resolved "That the Paeka-ka-riki Community Board recommend that the Council support the efforts of the Department of Conservation, Greater Wellington Regional Council and NZTA to secure the northern part of the Tilley triangle to the extension of QE Park, and agree in principle to purchase the Paeka-ka-riki scarp opposite the railway station.

We had a fantastic day 12 September 2013 - With the help and enthusiasm of Mayor Jenny Rowan we presented a summary of the GROW PAEKAKARIKI report to Council's Environment and Community development Committee which actually comprises all councillors Our Council committee unanimously endorsed the report in two general ways: Firstly by requesting that council staff fully investigate the opportunities identified for the Perkins farm Secondly by asking NZTA to not dispose of any land until Council had been given a fair chance to acquire any land that it needed We are really excited about the support we now have, and the prospect that some of the opportunities our community wants to grow Paekakariki will come to fruition

NZTA commissioned an investigation into stopping the flood hazard from the Waikakariki Stream and Hairpin Gully along Hill Road The report recommended retiring 9 areas of native bush from grazing, and planting kilometres of gully erosion scars While at this stage NZTA do not intend to undertake any of this recommended work to reduce flooding risk to SH1, Nga Uruora are developing a restoration plan for this area in consultation with surrounding restoration groups See the Letter, Flooding report and the Farming report

Read the final GROW PAEKAKARIKI Report and learn about some of the opportunities - if the file will not open in your browser then right click and Save it so that you can view it on your PC

Our Community Board has now unanimously endorsed our GROW PAEKAKARIKI report. This arose after we took the final Report to the Paekakariki Community Board meeting on Tuesday 12th March and sought the Board's support to endorse the report and recommend to Council that it take the lead in seeking widespread support for its implementation - See our letter to the Board - The Board was unable to make a decision on this request at that meeting as it had not had time to consider the report.

The next Board meeting is on 23 April 2013 at 7pm - Please can you all come along and provide your support to the Board to formally endorse our report - We want to take our report to Council with the endorsement of our Board

Public Meeting 31 Jan 2013 at St Peters- We had a great meeting of about 50 people and it was a solid endorsement for the project

Read the Perkins family letter that was tabled, and a copy of the proceedings

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